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2021 Sierra Leone Premier League

Cavaliers Get off with Three Points as Fans Light up League Start
Friday April 23, marked the beginning of the 2021 Sierra Leone Premier League in pomp.
Three matches got the league off its legs after taxiing the runway for months on end.
The Approved School match between Anti Drugs and newcomers SLIFA could be described as an encounter between two equals who hardly let the ball play downfield. The antics of the Mountain Climbers appeared to be alive but too tame to attempt a rewarding ascent. The newcomers displayed hedging cut, trying to learn the ropes in a world all too new.
In the gaze of fans, the East End fight ended goalless with hope to spare.
The story had just begun.
When boisterous Police officers in their freshman stage faced off with the East End Tigers at Kingtom Police Field, the battle knew no bounds. Police Striker Lansana Turay had his header hit the post 33 minutes from start, but the Tigers came back after recess, dominating the play and resorting to long passes.
Both sides struggled to create winnable chances, but fate decreed that the match be ended goalless.
The newcomers were but newcomers.
The National Stadium engagement between host side Cavaliers of FC Kallon and the Waterfront Boys of Port Authority spiced up the league start.
Forty-two minutes after Chief Minister, Prof. David Francis, had related Government’s unflinching commitment to supporting the country’s top tier football league, Port Authority’s Foday Kamara dove his squad into the first unfortunate pile of regret; his own-goal struck the chord, giving the Cavaliers their first effortless goal of the season.
Their spirits, having been ruined, the Waterfront Boys lost focus and had the Cavaliers break free with Baimba Sesay’s spinning touch accounting for the second goal. It was all for the Kallon side as fans chanted praises to the delights of a new history.
From recess, it was not surprising when the Cavaliers’ third goal, at the feet of Sallieu Tarawallie, sealed the fate of the day, with the first three points theirs.
FC Kallon 3, Port Authority 0
Today, April 24, 2021, all roads will lead to Bo City as two big spenders, Bo Rangers and East End Lions, load up their arsenals for a must-watch provincial encounter.
The Musa Noah Kamara aka Musa Tombo match has provoked disproportionate arguments from fans across all clubs.
In Port Loko, the Bai Bureh Warriors will host the Tis Tas Boys of Mighty Blackpool whilst Freetown City FC welcome Old Edwardians, the May Park Boys, at the Attouga Stadium in Freetown.
2021 Sierra Leone Premier League Day 1
Your Game is Back!
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