Upcoming MatchMIGHTY BLACKPOOL FC VS EAST END LIONS FC/April 3, 2022/Wusum Mini StadiumWelcome to Sierra Leone Premier League Board Website. Here you can have news of transfer, events, result and more!

The Sierra Leone Premier League is the top professional football league in Sierra Leone.

SL Premier League Board 2020/21

The Sierra Leone Premier League is the top professional football league in Sierra Leone. It was founded in 1967. The league is sponsored by the Government of Sierra Leone, the SLFA and with the help of Corporate institutions in the country.
East End Lions and Mighty Blackpool are the two biggest and most successful clubs. The Sierra Leone Premier League is controlled by the Sierra Leone Football Association. The season runs from March to July.
This year, eighteen (18) clubs will compete in the league in a one leg race which will start on the 23rd April, 2021.
The current teams are
1. Anti Drugs Strikers
2. Bai Bureh Warriors
3. Bo Rangers
4. Central Parade
5. Diamond Stars
6.East End Lions
7. Freetown City FC
8. Eastern Tigers
9. Johansen FC
10. Kallon FC
11. Kamboi Eagles
12. Mighty Blackpool
13. Old Edwardians
14.Ports Authority
16. Sierra Leone Police
18. Wusum Stars
Sierra Leone Premier League

We say, this platform is created with specific reference to the

This website will be the link between the Premier League Board Media and the public especially journalists, commentators, analysts and PR practitioners working with sport media institutions.
As a Committee, we will be updating this hub with contents of the SLPL 2021 Season – fixtures, jingles, scores, interviews, and among many others.


Sierra Leone Premier League and local sporting related contents.
The rules are simple. Only local football is discussed here. No chain of messages with regards politics, religion, academic would be discussed here.
If a member or participant of this group goes contrary, that person will be warmed and if he continues, he will be asked to leave the page.

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